Emergency Procedures

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Reporting Criminal Offenses or Emergencies

Criminal Offenses

Criminal offenses should be reported to:

  • Campus Safety Department: 269.337.7321

But may also be reported to:

  • Dean of Students: 269.337.7209
  • The Associate Dean of Students: 269.337.7209
  • The Director of Residential Life: 269.337.7520

Emergency Requests for Service

Emergency requests for service can be reported to:

  • Campus Safety: 269.337.7321
  • Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety: 911 or 9-911 (when on a Kalamazoo College landline)

Confidential Reporting

The following individuals are exempt from reporting criminal statistics under the law. Therefore any victim who wishes to report a criminal offense and wishes for the information to remain totally confidential may report the crime to:

  • Director of Counseling, Kenlana Ferguson: 269.337.7191
  • Outreach Coordinator, Heather Dannison: 269.337.7348
  • College Chaplain, Elizabeth Hakken Candido: 269.337.7362

Open Campus Security Log

Kalamazoo College’s Office of Campus Safety maintains a daily log of all crimes reported. The categories contained in this log are: crime classification, date, time, general location of the crime and disposition of the complaint.This log is available for public inspection. This information will appear for each crime reported unless the disclosure of such information is prohibited by law, would jeopardize the confidentiality of the victim, would jeopardize an ongoing criminal investigation, cause a suspect to flee or evade detection, the safety of an individual, or result in the destruction of evidence.

Timely Warning and Mass Notification

Kalamazoo College will issue timely warnings to the campus community of situations that pose a potential threat to students and faculty/staff. A timely warning could be issued as a result of an event occurring on campus or a non campus location. Timely warnings will include varying amounts of information, depending on the circumstances of an incident. Most of the timely warnings will carry a crime prevention tip to help our students take preventive measures.

Types of Notifications

The following mechanisms will be utilized for the timely warnings:

  • Campus-wide email
  • Text alerts
  • “K-Alert” Mass Notification System
  • Kalamazoo College home page
  • The home page of the Campus Safety website
  • Campus Information telephone line
  • On/off campus media releases
  • Kalamazoo College digital display/marquee located in the Hicks Center & the Upjohn Library Commons
  • Public Address announcement in the Hicks Center & Upjohn Library Commons

Emergency Evacuation Procedures and Assembly Location

Please see the Emergency Evacuation Procedures and Assembly Location page to identify current Campus Safety Committee team members, understand the basic warning notification procedures, building evacuation procedures, emergency information, and designated Emergency Assembly Areas for natural and human-caused incidents. Please note that you will need to log in with your Kalamazoo College username and password in order to see the content on this page.

Active Shooter

An Active Shooter situation is very dynamic in nature and the decisions of what to do lie with you. The US Department of Homeland Security provides some important and useful information should you be confronted with an active shooter situation. Download the Active Shooter Pocket Card to learn how to respond when an active shooter is in your vicinity and more.

Fire Safety Procedures

Fire Safety is a serious concern of the College. The following regulations are designed to protect every individual in the College community from the threat of fire. Students must understand and abide by these regulations. Building floor plans showing fire exit routes and locations of fire extinguishers are clearly posted in every hall.

State law requires fire drills. The College conducts drills every quarter.

When a fire alarm sounds…

Whenever a fire alarm sounds, leave the building quickly and in an orderly manner by the nearest exit. All windows and doors should be closed, but not locked. Do not re-enter the building until instructed to do so. Students refusing to leave building when alarm sounds are first endangering themselves and secondly are in violation of state fire codes. Failure to vacate a building during a fire drill will result in disciplinary action.

False Alarms

Any student who initiates a false fire alarm or discharges a fire extinguisher for other than a fire emergency will be considered in violation of College policies and subject to the full range of sanctions under the Student Code of Conduct. These sanctions include suspension and expulsion.

Prohibited Items

Open flames, including candles, are prohibited by the city fire code. Playing with fire in any manner, whether or not damage or injury occurs, is strictly forbidden.


Overcrowding in a facility can be very dangerous in case of fire. Abide by capacity restrictions and leave a room or area promptly if asked to do so by a security officer attempting to eliminate overcrowding.